Borrow $200 With Hammock

You thought you had a good idea of the expenses around the corner and were good until payday. Then, something totally unexpected hits you. Your car breaks down. A friend or relative gets sick. It’s usually the least likely thing to happen. It’s because of the long list of possibilities that is is important to learn about your options to borrow up to $200.

Borrowing $200 until the next payday is as easy as downloading the app, connecting your bank and verifying your pay cycle (weekly, fortnightly, monthly). We work users who are employed, self-employed or receive Centrelink (more information about our loans for Centrelink here).

How does it work?

Start by downloading the Hammock app on the iOS Apple Store or Google Play Store. You can get cash in under 60 seconds!

The app connects to your bank and verifies your paycheck. After that, you can select how much cash you need (up to $200). And that’s it, we’ll send you the cash as fast as we can (usually gets to you in a day or two). 

With Hammock, how much you want to borrow is up to you. You can borrow $50, get a quick $100 or go to the maximum and get $200 fast. Your online loan amount is totally up to you, whatever you need.

What does it cost?

The Hammock app does not check your credit. We don’t charge interest or hidden fees. You can access your money for a flat rate fee of $9.99 a month. That’s it, it will never change and we’ll never keep anything from you.

It’s loans done the way they should be. With transparency at honest at the forefront. We’ve all been there, in need of fast cash to make it through an emergency. We know how hard it can be, so we made it online, almost instant and 24/7 to get a loan.