China and its best two cities

My friend who was currently working at Portland tree service and who was basically from China was giving me basic information and said that China is located in East Asia. This country is full of amazing places that one can wonder on. Capital city of China is Beijing. China has 33 divisions and 22 provinces but Taiwan is not included in it and is not governed by republic of china. People in China are atheist while other minorities are Christians, Hindus and Muslims. China celebrates many festivals throughout the year. The beauty of china is not only its festivals, culture and custom but also its cities which are famous for different reason (for main attractions).


Beijing is capital city of China. This city is most populous city of China. Beijing is located in north of China. The architectural styles are great combo of modern and traditions architect. This has a great history but having a history doesn’t mean that it is not modern; it is modern city as well. Being a capital of China this city is very busy and fast in terms of politics, economy, business, technology, education, art, innovation, fashion and civilization. Some attractions of Beijing are Summer Temple, 798 Art District, Lama Temple, Beihai Park, Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven and Badaling etc.


Xi’an city is located in northwest of China. This city is historic ancient city. It has a great value. Tourism is plays an important role in its local economy. Xi’an was once a capital city of Shaanxi Province of China. There was a time when Xi’an city was Muslims’ city, it was officially introduce to Islam and had largest Muslim community. There is mosque “Great Mosque” which is largest mosque in China. It has 5 courtyards. Xi’an has many more attractive places that are example of beauty. It has many temples, parks, museums and mausoleum. There is an underground Mausoleum of Han Emperor Jingdi which is an amazing one.