How a business trip resulted into an adventure-filled weekend

Spread around 2500 acres of lush green forest land, Devil’s Den State Park is one of Arkansas top tourist destinations. It offers the perfect habitat for a range of different animals and exotic plants to thrive. Moreover, it proudly boasts a number of hiking trails that vary in difficulty level. This makes it a perfect destination for ‘safe’ adventure.
On the 22nd of July 2013, I happened to visit this nature’s marvel while on a one-week business trip to Arkansas. Although at first, I resisted spending my first long weekend on some “wild adventure” as they call it, my colleagues managed to convince me otherwise. Mike, one of my colleagues who also calls himself a veteran traveler, could not miss the opportunity of leading another expedition. We, the rest of us, being inexperienced homebodies had no choice but to follow his commands! And so it began.
He planned for us to take the road to the Devil’s Den State Park on Friday, 26th of July. After having a scrumptious breakfast served by Little Rock Catering, we picked up our already packed bags and hopped in the car. The shortest route from Little Rock to the Devil’s Den State Park, takes roughly no more than 3 hours. However, my adventure-loving colleagues decided to take the longer route through the US-65 S highway instead.
At first, I felt like it had to be the worst decision ever. However, the beers, snacks, music, and our car speeding on the highway quickly added all to my excitement.
Over the next two days, we explored The Devil’s Den and got to bag immense knowledge of the herbal qualities that some of the plants thriving there possess. Thanks to Josh, a talkative yet an entertaining guide with a bunch of interested facts about the forested lands.
I can safely say that I hadn’t felt so relieved in quite a while. Perhaps I had forgotten to enjoy myself in exchange of the corporate life that I had chosen. In a way, that trip reminded me of all the good reasons to value life.
After all these years, it seems like nature wishes to unite me and my colleagues yet once again for another adventure filled business tour. This time, we plan to get a wilder say a little tough-and-rough taste of the Yosemite National Park.