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Losing Weight Using Ketosis Diet

Ketosis diets are also considered as very low-carb diets or ketogenic diets. A ketosis is a biochemical event that will happen when there is an extreme restriction of carbohydrate intake in a person’s body and starvation, it should not be connected to the phenomenon that is called a ketoacidosis which happens when a patient with diabetes will have an uncontrollable level of blood sugar.

Ketoacidosis is a very harmful phenomenon and it will only happen to patients that have diabetes. You should be aware that ketosis is a natural event that is not dangerous and instead can provide a lot of good benefits to the health of a person. There are some people that would confuses the two terms and would think that ketosis is the harmful one.

During the days, children with epileptic seizures are advised to undergo a ketosis diet in order to control their seizure which any form of medication could not do. In the early 20th century, this kind of diet was commonly used to serve this kind of purpose. This kind of diet plan has gained a lot of interests in medical issues such as obesity, diabetes, brain cancer, and many more.

The connection of ketosis diet and obesity.

A ketogenic diet or a low carb diet has been studied and well researched when it comes to obesity, and the patients that notice a great loss of appetite when they go with this kind of diet. In order to compare a low carb and a low fat diet, you will need to greatly restrict the calorie intake in a low fat diet in order to gain the same results.

You should be aware that low carb diets are most of the time high in the level of saturated fat but this diet will still improve the biomarkers like the HDL cholesterol, triglyceride levels, insulin resistance, and still have a good effect on the LDL patterns of the cholesterol, from a dense type which is bad, to a fluffy type which is good cholesterol.

There are some claims that a ketogenic diet can be quite restrictive but in a lot of studies that was conducted, the people in this kind of diet have a good chance of completing the conducted studies as compared to the other group in another type of diet.

Epileptic patients undergoing ketosis diets

There are a lot of studies conducted to epileptic children using ketosis diets that shows a great improvement given the fact that there was no significant change made by any medical therapy or medication. In one study, there is a significant change on the frequency of seizures from the children with epilepsy that are in a ketosis diet than those that are not.

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