How to Choose the best binary trading app in India

How to Choose the best binary trading app in India

Binary options have recently become an investment instrument that is in demand by traders, especially young traders. The easy binary options trading platform makes it more and more in demand. The reason is, that transactions can be done online on a PC or mobile on a smartphone.

Because it promises big profits, this concept has become a new prima donna in the trading scene. However, because it is still relatively new in India, traders must look for the best binary options platform so as not to make mistakes in transactions for more information best binary trading app in india.

Before discussing the binary options trading platform, we will discuss a little about what binary options are. Binary options, the best binary trading app in india is a trading concept that takes advantage of the ups and downs of assets. It is a financial instrument sourced from the contract purchase of an asset. Get the profit when the contract expires.

Interestingly, the time period for buying binary options is very fast, around 1-5 minutes. In addition, knowing the profit can be from the beginning of the purchase, which is around 70-90 percent. This advantage that is known at the outset is what makes binary options traders loved.

Binary options, the best binary trading app in India started booming in the United States and are now expanding to other countries. Unfortunately, in India, there is no local broker that handles binary options because the legal umbrella is not yet available. Therefore, traders should use brokers from abroad.

Binary Options Trading Platform

Broadly speaking, there are two types of best binary trading apps in India trading platforms for binary options, namely online via PC and mobile via smartphone. The features also vary for these two types of platforms. Here is a brief explanation:

 1. Online Binary Options Platform Via PC

The online binary options platform can be done via a PC or laptop because the binary options trading site can be accessed with a PC. In addition, via PC also makes it easier for traders to open a demo account. Several binary options trading sites provide demo account features aimed at beginners.

This demo account only allows one account for one site. However, traders can open another account on another trading site.

This method is often used by traders to benefit from the registration bonus and can also increase the initial capital for trading later.

If a problem is found in the account, then there is customer support for each binary options site. In addition, there is an online guide for users that can be used as a reference before using customer service.

 2. Binary Options Mobile Platform Via Smartphone

For traders with a high level of mobility, they can choose the option of a mobile platform via a smartphone. In general, the services of this mobile platform are the same as online platforms on PC. Offers and services from mobile applications are also not much different from those on PC.

For bonus withdrawals, mobile platform users can also do the same as online platform users. However, bonus withdrawals can only be made once and cannot open two accounts at the same time on the same site. This is to avoid getting a double bonus.

As for the username and password on the mobile platform, it is the same as the online platform. So, one account can be used on two platforms at once and there is no need to open a new account. However, the thing that mobile platform users need to pay attention to is the battery problem.

If the battery runs out at the time of making a transaction or the transaction is in progress, then this transaction can be considered void or invalid. However, if the battery runs out after the trading transaction is completed, the transaction will remain valid.

One of the binary options platforms that can be operated either via a PC or smartphone is iq options review. There are many interesting features such as withdrawals within 1 day, refunds up to 120%, and transaction benefits up to 92%.