The Rise of Online Music Learning Among Kids in India

During this pandemic, every face-to-face activity is limited, including learning music. Many music lessons and music schools have temporarily suspended face-to-face activities following government recommendations. Of course, learning activities should not stop. Well, one solution to overcome this problem is to study online. Of course, online learning has often been encountered. However, learning music is still very rare because students and teachers are more comfortable interacting directly, jamming together, and playing music with other friends.

However, online learning is starting to be applied to learning music. The pandemic has opened new doors for learning music online, and many children in India are now taking advantage of this trend. Did you know that playing a musical instrument is a hobby and benefits children’s development? One of the musical instruments children in India can learn is the piano because, with Online Piano Classes, children will achieve many physical and cognitive benefits. This online music learning is based on interactive video learning or direct face-to-face learning with teachers through video call applications that have been proven and tested.

  • Can do learning anywhere and anytime.
  • Learning can be more relaxed because students and teachers can be in their respective homes.
  • No need for costs and travel time because there is no need to go to a place to study.
  • Can quickly share material in videos, audios, tabs, and scores online.
  • Can learn across provinces, even across countries. The opportunity to study music for students in the regions is wide open.

Playing keyboard music can be a choice that is lighter and easier to learn than the piano. An online keyboard learning is the right choice if you want to learn music in a relaxed and fast way; playing keyboard instruments can be used as a hobby and can also be used as a career start as a keyboard player; can do keyboards alone (single), or in a band, can enjoy both. Keyboards can not only be learned by a beginner but also by someone who previously can play keyboard music but wants to improve his keyboard playing skills.

The keyboard is not only recommended for adults, but children can also play this instrument. Learning this musical instrument is highly recommended for stress relief and balancing emotions. For children, it is usually difficult if they are invited to a tutoring place or the time is not suitable because they are already in school, studying, and playing. No need to worry because online keyboard learning is for those who have difficulty getting out of the house and managing time. Just at home and staring at the screen, you can take music lessons comfortably and with unquestionable quality.

Of the many types of tutoring, online piano lessons are one of the activities most parents do for their children. It feels proud when your little one is good at playing favorite songs on the online piano. The benefits of learning Piano Online are very good for children’s growth and development. Various abilities include discipline, concentration, surviving under pressure, memory skills, etc. When he appears in public while playing the piano online, this can also grow his confidence. The ability to focus and listen is also trained.

Children who take Online Piano Classes at music schools do well in school. The piano is not just about hobbies, pleasures, or ordinary activities. Online music classes have the element of fun needed to attract children’s attention while simultaneously testing their intellectual abilities and greatly contributing to their development.