With most countries having reopened their borders after the 2020 coronavirus lockdowns. There are lots of travel destinations that Europe has to offer, especially in the coldest months.  To help you plan for a great vacation in winter, this article has provided some of the best winter destinations in Europe. It is also important to check travel agencies reviews before your travels to select a reputable travel agency to ensure a successful and enjoyable winter travel. With this article, you can be assured that you will experience a fantastic winter holiday.

Innsbruck, Austria

Recognised as a global snowboard and ski capital, Innsbruck has for two times hosted the winter Olympics and is home to globally renowned alpine resorts. Visitors will enjoy the slopes that the city offers, and they can circuit the famed Olympic key and other adjacent athletic facilities. For centuries Innsbruck was a seat of power. A look at history tourists will find multiple reasons for visiting the city, including the beautiful architecture in the city and the royal Hapsburg.

Rovaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi, Finland is Santa Clauses official hometown and a scenic location to visit in winter. The city is known to attract lots of tourists. It offers the Santa Park; a Santa-inspired theme park, remarkable collections of hotels and the Santa Clause holiday village. One will also find many experiences in the regions in and around, Rovaniemi, such as  Santa Claus village reindeer rides. Lovers of traditional finish items will find a reason to visit Rovaniemi as they can experience swimming in an ice-cold lake; they can also have a saunas experience. The city is located to the Arctic Circle’s right, and in its Santa Park and Santa Clause Village, there are particular regions where you can cross inside the Arctic Circle. A visit to, Rovaniemi during winter won’t disappoint.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen will best suit those looking for a serene winter retreat in Europe. Winter in Copenhagen is characterised by cold and short days. As a tourist in Copenhagen, you will undoubtedly learn from the locals how to spend evenings and afternoons relaxing, enjoying the gorgeous surrounding and drinking hot chocolate. Skiing is one of the activities that visitors can enjoy in Copenhagen; besides, this visitors can also enjoy festive foods found there, terrific Christmas markets, and unique stunning lights. On arriving in Copenhagen, tourist will notice the locals love for gift shopping, traditional holiday drinks and drinking glogg. Gloog refers to A Scandinavian spiced wine or warm cider with added nuts, raisins and dried berries, having it ensures you are cosy throughout your travel. Copenhagen offers quite some incredible Danish Christmas markets such as the Christmas and Tivoli market. The city’s famous Danish amusements parks and the Tivoli gardens are popular destinations during winter. Another highlight that will make your winter vacation more attractive is Kongens Nytorv, a renowned square close to Copenhagen’s harbour. Situated in Copenhagen’s very heart, this entire square is decorated with bright Christmas lights among other decorations. You can also find stands selling a variety of things.

Alta, Norway

Frequently labelled as the northern lights town, Alta is a small town situated in the north of Norway, above the Arctic Circle and 70 degrees north latitude. The city only has about 20,000 inhabitants. It is best to visit it during winter as you will find the polar night from November to January. The sun usually does not rise above the horizon, and for most of the time, the town is in total darkness. Visiting Alta in winter will also have you witness the blue hour, often characterised by a blue glow. Alta’s winter visit is best when with a tour guide as the guide will check weather reports and know where the sky is clearest and help photograph the eerie beauty. In the day one gets lots of winter activities to engage in including snowshoe hiking, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, reindeer sledging, dog sledging and ice fishing. Sightseeing lovers should ensure that they do not fail to visit the Unique Sorrisniva hotel and the Northern light cathedral.

Tallinn, Estonia

With turreted castles, and an attractive Baltic Sea location Tallinn is a city that overflows with attraction. It is a city with some of the best-preserved historical epicentres in Europe, and the majority of its merchant houses and medieval churches fall under the UNESCO protection. Under a layer of snow, the city’s view from Toompea castle is gorgeous.

In conclusion, for those who love winter vacations and don’t know the best destinations to visit in Europe, you have the answer with this article. It is also essential to carry foods and other essential items throughout your travel. You can check go groopie UK to buy the needed items for your travel.