Truckin’ the World: Utah’s Food Trucks Dish up Global Cuisines

Truckin’ the World: Utah’s Food Trucks Dish up Global Cuisines


Utah restaurants span international cuisines ranging from Latin America and Europe, to Asia, Africa and even Australia. But did you know that you can also explore global cuisines via Utah’s food trucks? Yep. If it’s the international fare you’re hankering for, it’s time to get truckin’. 

Let’s start with Europe. The Brugesmobile and Bruges Waffle Bus are the mobile outposts of the brick and mortar Bruges Belgian Bistro, which serves up authentic Belgian-style waffles, frites, and crowd favorites like the Machine Gun Sandwich. 

For German fare on the go, look no further than Weller’s Döner Wagon, the home of the original German döner kebab. In addition to scrumptious döner sandwiches and kebabs, Jan Weller’s food truck dishes up schnitzel, falafel, currywurst, pommes, brats, curry frikadelle, desserts and more. And for Neapolitan-style pizza that an Italian would adore, grab a slice or entire pie from Fire and Slice Wood-Fired Pizza, which appears regularly at Wheeler Farm Sunday Market. 

Fresh savory and sweet crêpes are the modus operandi for Chef Maxime Ambeza’s Monsieur Crêpes, which has vegan and vegetarian crêpe options in addition to menu items like the Versailles, with French brie, prosciutto, tomato, spinach and herbs de Provence. 

For the flavors of West Africa, head to Ibou Fall’s Balabé food truck where you’ll discover Senagalese cuisine and menu items that range from a rich peanut butter stew of veggies and tubers called mafé or tiep jenn — fish with fried rice and vegetables — to a classic Senegalese curry named thiou, and lamb with fried rice known as jolof. Namesh Swahili Cuisine is a truck and catering service where Chef Najati serves foods like tuna or veggie sambusa, chickpea bhajia, rice cooked with beef or goat called pilau, chicken curry, biryani, and other delish dishes.  

South America is well-represented by trucks like The Llama Truck with a menu featuring lomo saltado, salchipapas, parillda Peruvian-style barbecue, ceviche, chicharron sandwiches, and drinks such as chicha morada. 

The Made in Brazil food truck dishes up — you guessed it — tantalizing Brazilian cuisine ranging from the national dish feijoada (savory black bean stew with beef and pork), coxinhas, brigadeiro, and salads.

More Peruvian fare is to be found at the Red Food Truck, serving pollo a la brasa, asado de puerco, pollo saltado, sliders and other tempting from scratch foods. 

There are an abundance of food trucks here serving Mexican fare that go way beyond the standard taco cart. The Sobe Eats food truck menu is an eclectic one with temptations like the banh mi torta, rice bowls (spicy shrimp, tuna poke, birria, tinga & veggie), tacos, tostadas, mocktails and much more. 

At the Facil Taqueria truck, you’ll find farm-to-table south-of-the-border fare such as tacos with fillings like Niman Ranch pork, beef short ribs, Mary’s Chicken tinga, and a Local Farm Taco that is vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free. Enjoy the sweetness of delicious churros from San Diablo Artisan Churros, which offers up gourmet fillings including decadent dulce de leche, Nutella and sweet cream, chocolate ganache, strawberry lemonade and coconut cream. 

Silver Moon Taqueria is the truck for hand-trimmed steak tacos, seasoned grilled fish, big bad burritos, homemade quesadillas, from scratch salsas and other tasty things. 

The Maize food truck specializes in homemade tamales and tacos with delicious handmade corn tortillas. And Maize offers flavors you might not find elsewhere, such as lobster and surf & turf tacos, with a side of nopales or paletas. 

If you haven’t encountered the ubiquitous Cupbop Korean BBQ truck, you probably haven’t left the house in a while. In addition to killer Korean bbq, the mandu dumplings are divine. 

Asian-style cups are also well represented at MisoYUM, including noodle and rice cups with honey glazed chicken, savory pork, veggies, potstickers and more. 

Mongolian BBQ and Chinese cuisine are the main attractions at Harry’s Food Truck, with a menu that ranges from General Tso’s chicken and veggie spring rolls to shrimp, tofu, fried rice and potstickers. 

Thieps Eats specializes in Asian street food like pho, takoyaki, spring rolls, rice bowls, mango sweet rice, and more. 

Yoshi’s Enso Grill offers rice bowls, sushi, gyoza, teriyaki, egg rolls and other tempting Asian dishes, while the Bento Truck dishes up Japanese comfort food like curries, yakisoba and teriyaki. 

The Ramen Mobile serves delicious noodle dishes with homemade broths and a variety of toppings, and Crunchy Munchy has famous Filipino lumpia rolls, pancit and such. 

Mediterranean and Middle Eatern items like Lebanese manouche, wraps, kebabs and shawarma are found at the Manouche food truck. The Falafel Tree truck serves, yes, falafel as well as kabobs, dolmathes, hummus, Mediterranean salads and more, while the Fab Pharoah dishes up fresh, homemade Egyptian and Mediterranean dishes. 


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