5 Lively Festivals in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB)

Not only presenting beautiful natural charm, but West Nusa Tenggara also provides festival treats for tourists. indonesian art festivals held in NTB vary widely, ranging from art festivals, culinary arts, rituals, sports, and much more.

The most recent festival is the MotoGP sport, which was held at the Mandalika Circuit in early 2022. The existence of a festival like this is a promotional event for the region to be better known. What are other NTB cultural festivals? Let’s see the following!

5 Festivals in NTB

1. Pesona Tambora Festival

This first festival is a signature cultural festival of Tambora, Dompu Regency. The events held in this festival consist of the Lawata Festival, Teka Tambora, and Tambora Challenge. The implementation of the Tambora Enchantment Festival aims to commemorate the eruption of Mount Tambora.

This celebration is also to celebrate the anniversary of the Dompu Regency. In addition, in this festival, an event is also held to introduce local arts and culture to become increasingly known by the local and international community.

2. Baturotok Cultural Festival

The Baturotok Cultural Festival consists of various events, from Alms Muharam, Melala, Menca, Belawas, culinary events, and many more. Of course, this will make people know more about Baturotok culture and can preserve it. Usually, this festival is held at night.

3. Pesona Bau Nyale Festival

Bau Nyale is a festival in NTB which is a form of preserving the Sasak culture on the island of Lombok. The hallmark of this cultural festival is the activity of looking for worms which are believed to be the incarnation of Princess Mandalika. In addition to looking for worms, this festival at night also offers other activities such as the choosing of Princess Mandalika, cultural dialogue, and cultural arts performances. Of course, this festival is always attended by many fans.

4. Senggigi Festival

Still, on the island of Lombok, the Senggigi Festival is held in the form of culinary tourism events, art performances, and creative economy performances. The festival, which is held every year, often changes the schedule of events. However, performing arts remains one of them. This festival is an attraction for tourists from the West Lombok area.

5. Persean Festival

The Persean Festival is a festival that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Sasak Tribe, Lombok. The festival was once made to beg for rain and symbolize happiness for soldiers’ victory. In this festival, fighters are called Pepadu, who wear traditional Sasak clothing while holding a shield and wooden rattan. This fight performance is single and witnessed simultaneously in the Bau Nyale and Malean Sampi Festivals.

The five examples of festivals that have been held in NTB are a form of cultural preservation by the local community. For people who are on vacation there and coincide with the holding of the festival, it can be a source of knowledge about Indonesia’s diverse culture.