5 Worldwide Cuisines Which Share Similarities With Indian Cuisine

There is practically nothing pretty like our desi khaana. Scorching spices, chatpata flavours, wholesome textures, Indian cuisine truly nourishes the mind, overall body and soul. Our flavor buds are so desi that extra normally than not we have a tendency to have a particular spot in our hearts for world cuisines which share similarities with Indian delicacies. So, right here are 5 cuisines from across the earth that share related spices, components and even dishes like our desi khaana.

1. Mexican Cuisine

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If we have makke di roti built of corn maize flour, then the Mexicans have tortillas designed of blue maize. Just like Mexican delicacies rests closely on the use of beans, rice and corn —no Indian food in North India is complete with out corn, rice and rajma. Mexican pinto beans —a gravy created of beans, tomatoes, onion, garlic and spices —is Mexican cuisine’s reply to our rajma curry. And of class, if we have rice, they have burritos stuffed with rice. There you go, Mexican and Indian cuisines are surely related.

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2. Moroccan Delicacies

indian cuisine similarities

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The Moroccans use clay pots in their cooking, just like we Indians do. Morrocan lamb and chicken dishes are usually organized in a standard tagine or spherical clay dish which locks in the warmth and flavours. It makes the meat tender and aromatic. Like Indian cuisine, Moroccan cuisine also consists of spices like turmeric powder, ginger and cumin powder. If we have lamb koftas, they have kefta tagine — a succulent lamb mince rolled into balls and then cooked with a tomato-based mostly gravy.

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3. Thai Delicacies

indian cuisine similarities

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Thai cuisine has gradually turn out to be one of the most preferred Asian cuisines right after our beloved Indo-Chinese cuisine. In truth, you’d locate Thai curry related to coastal curries in South India — like the Kerala stew or seafood curries in Mangalore. The rationale? Perfectly, they all use coconut milk as the base. Additionally, Thai cuisine heroes chillies, coconut, rice and spices. And which is predominantly the explanation why we have a particular put in our hearts for flavoursome Thai cuisine.

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4. Bahraini Delicacies

There are lots of Bahraini dishes that have Indian counterparts. Consider madrouba for instance, a mashed rooster and rice dish cooked with spices and ghee, simmered above extended hrs. What, does it remind you of? Khichdi of training course! Harees, ground meat and wheat porridge has similarities to the Hyderabadi delicacy, haleem. And then you have machboos, a spiced Basmati rice with hen dish and which is the Bahraini version of biryani for you!

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5. Greek Cuisine

indian cuisine similarities

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Tzatziki, melitzanosalata may well sound all complicated and surely Greek. Let’s break it down for you. Tzatziki is very little but a yoghurt dip which normally involved chopped cucumber, similar to our raita. And, melitzanosalata is a smoked eggplant dish that goes beautifully properly with pita bread. Greek delicacies absolutely shares similarities with Indian delicacies. They use staples like pita bread and clean crunchy veggies in their healthful platters. Yum!

So, which of these cuisines is your absolute favorite, apart from Indian cuisine of study course? Let us know in the remarks portion under.

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