7 Foods Not To Eat Before Travelling

7 Foods Not To Eat Before Travelling

Travelling can be really exciting and one of the most exciting aspects is the preparation. In a bid to leave early, we tend not to prepare food or we even order food online. That being said, sites like Collected.reviews provide you with information you need to know about food delivery services home and away.

While there are many snacks and delicacies that you love and may eat before travelling, there are certain foods you should avoid. The following are 7 of them.

1. Spicy foods

Eating spicy foods before travelling can predispose you to stomach upset. Many people have complained that after eating spicy foods, they either suffered from stooling, heartburns or abdominal pains. Rather, take something light and if you’re going to opt for a spicy meal, eat small quantities of it.

2. Noodles

Foods like noodles and pasta are lip-smacking dishes but they are high in starch. Starchy foods take a lot of time to digest fully and this may cause bloating. Also, being in motion can make these meals even harder to digest.

3. Alcohol

Carbonated drinks generally are discouraged for travellers. If you are not totally relaxed, you should not take soda, beer or any other alcoholic carbonated drinks. They can cause bloating. Besides, alcohol gives the liver more work to do, and you don’t want to stress your liver on a journey. You can also become unstable if you take too much alcohol before travelling and this may induce nausea or even make you actually throw up. So, save your toast till after your journey.

4. Cheesy bites

We might all be guilty of this one. Oftentimes when we are travelling, we grab one or two cheese-filled snacks. This is quite unhealthy and it may cause you to feel heavy for a long time. You are often advised to travel light whether it’s by road, sea or air. This applies to food too. As light as your luggage is, so should you.

5. Fried foods

Fried foods can be tempting and they seem to be the best food for travellers. It’s typically easier to order burgers, chicken and chips or other fries because they are delicious, no doubt. However, they can cause gastric problems. They keep you full and they are hard to digest. This can cause indigestion and in the long run, may cause you to gain weight.

6. Artificial sweeteners

Even when you are not travelling, you should stay away from candies and chewing gum as much as you can. This is because the artificial sweeteners present in these sweets can be harmful to your teeth and damage them. It is understandable to want to keep your mouth busy when in motion, especially if you’re travelling alone but if you must take chewing gum, go for the one that contains no artificial sweetener. Over time, sugary snacks cause cavities.

7. Coffee

Coffee has found a way into our everyday lives. Going to work? Grab a cup of coffee. Waiting for a friend at a park? Drink a cup of coffee while you’re at it. Need to stay up to study? Oh, coffee is the way out. This lifestyle is unhealthy if it’s done on a regular basis. Coffee contains caffeine, and caffeine has dehydrating properties which can induce nausea and may cause a headache if taken in high quantities. So, coffee before travelling is a no-no.

Now that you know some of the foods to avoid before travelling, you can take care of yourself better and prevent discomfort caused by food while travelling.