Cancun Attractions and Tours Experience in Garrafon Park

Cancun Attractions and Tours Experience in Garrafon Park

The sights of Cancun suggest opportunities for an active and more relaxing holiday. Museums, parks, beaches, excursions and clubs – all this can be visited almost every day, distracting from a beach vacation. All this is because Cancun is a famous resort city that attracts tourists from all over the world. In this article, we will take a quick tour and tell you about the most exciting places in this resort.

We know that to fulfil your dream of swimming with dolphins in Cancun Isla Mujeres, factors such as cost, quality of interaction and amenities included in your swimming package are among your main concerns. However, you will be happy to know that you do not need to spend a lot of money to participate in this activity – which you should do at least once in your life.

Garrafon Park is the best place to do this great activity, as they allow you to interact with the dolphins as if you were in their natural environment. Explore the incredible jungle, cool off in the ocean, relax with a cocktail or fly over the water at the best natural playgrounds.

At the southern end of Isla Mujeres lies the stunning Garrafon Natural Reef Park. Here, the crystal-clear Caribbean waters meet the white sands of the island, plus the forest looks out over the hills. Swim with dolphins or snorkel right off the beach. For those who want to relax, the garden provides hammocks, lounges and chairs to make the day as comfortable as possible. Food and drinks are available.

It is known for its beautiful white sand beaches, calm turquoise water and friendly locals. With the beauty of the Caribbean Sea and rich Mayan heritage, Isla Mujeres has become a haven for tourists worldwide. Enjoy the best snorkelling experience on your trip to Cancun. Whether you are an experienced or a beginner, a snorkeling tour in Isla Mujeres will take you to the right place to snorkel among colourful fish and beautiful marine life while having fun.

Snorkelling gear is provided when you enter the park, so you only need swimming gear and a towel. Jump into the water from the beach or paddle into deeper waters in one of the park’s kayaks. The park itself offers a swim with dolphin package that is applicable for all ages. If the water gets choppy, head to the park’s 100-foot (30-meter) freshwater pool, which offers superb views across Cancun Bay.

Hike through the jungle to the top of the Punta Sur Cliffs, the highest point on the Yucatan Peninsula, for the best photo opportunities on the island. Along with the stunning views, you’ll find the Punta Sur Sculpture Park, showcasing 23 artists’ work worldwide. Take a trip near the Mayan Temple, dedicated to the goddess Ixchel. Despite the heavy damage caused by Hurricane Gilbert in 1988, the remains provide a fascinating insight into Mayan culture on the island. Take the exciting slide from the top of the cliff to return to the waters below.

Visitors have access to a complimentary buffet meal while they are at Garrafon Natural Reef Park. The park is open daily, and an entrance fee covers most activities.