Connecticut residents told to prepare before storm

(WTNH) – If you’re traveling for the holidays this week, you should start preparing now. A powerful storm is expected to hit Connecticut Thursday afternoon through Saturday morning.

Heavy rain and strong winds are expected in Connecticut Thursday night and Friday, which are likely to cause power outages.

People traveling by plane should expect flight delays and cancelations along the eastern seaboard. This is causing some traveling at Bradley International Airport to change their plans.

“I was supposed to fly out [Thursday] in the afternoon, but I was able to change it to today just because I didn’t know about the storm, but I got a text from United,” said Brian Maher.

According to AAA, 449,000 New Englanders will fly to their holiday destinations. Officials at Bradley say there are no delays or cancellations as of Wednesday, but they are watching the weather closely.

“I was thinking how happy I am that we were going today,” said Joan Forgie of Massachusetts. “Because I’m afraid tomorrow’s not going to be so great.”

Friday morning, there could be some inland flooding and moderate coastal flooding due to the high tide. Icy areas are expected to develop Friday evening as temperatures drop quickly.

As for the roads, 3.7 million New Englanders are driving to their holiday destinations. Experts recommend leaving ahead of time if you can.

Drivers are being asked to make arrangements beforehand to avoid icy roads and dangerous travel.

“It would make sense for people to leave today by car or tomorrow or just simply wait until Saturday or even Christmas Day,” said Frank Mayko, AAA spokeswoman.

Connecticut State Police released some tips for travelers before the holiday weekend:

  • Drive the speed limit
  • Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you
  • Ensure that all passengers are wearing seatbelts
  • Signal when turning, changing lanes, or taking an exit
  • Refrain from texting or using your phone
  • Never consume alcoholic beverages, marijuana products, or drugs, including medications that could impact driving, before you get behind the wheel
  • Immediately reduce speed to a reasonable level below the posted speed limit or move over one lane whenever law enforcement, fire trucks, ambulances, or tow trucks are occupying a lane. Please give them room to do their job efficiently and safely so that you are in compliance with the state’s “Move Over” law

Drivers are also reminded to plan ahead for their trips by:

  • Filling the gas tank prior to your journey
  • Checking windshield wipers, windshield wiper fluid, and tire pressure
  • Fully charge your cell phone before leaving
  • Carrying winter blankets, water, and snacks
  • Checking traffic and weather conditions before leaving
  • Keeping a shovel and sand or salt in the trunk of your car

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