Rent the Brownstone from Breakfast at Tiffany’s for your Next Vacation

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There are few party scenes more iconic than the bash thrown at Holly Golightly’s apartment in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. After all, Golightly’s outfits may steal the show, but the brownstone at 169 East 71st Street, with its sparse decor that features a well-stocked bar, Cat, a bathtub-turned-sofa, and little else, is as much a part of Truman Capote’s Upper East Side fantasy as that little black Givenchy dress. Now, the Upper East Side mansion that serves as a backdrop in the film is available on the luxury vacation rental site Inspirato.

holly golightly rental

Audrey Hepburn was filmed as Holly Golightly coming in and out of 169 East 71st Street, which is now listed as a vacation rental

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In reality, there is no Paul Varjak down the hall, but you do get to have the whole building to yourself. The grand 1910 brownstone has five stories with four bedrooms, a wine cellar with a wet bar, a library, an enclosed greenhouse, terraces, and a garden-level patio, all luxuriously outfitted in old New York glamour.

breakfast at tiffany's vacation rental

Honestly, we would rather spend the night here than in Holly Golightly’s actual apartment, which was actually a set designed in Hollywood.

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Inspirato manages the home, so unlike an Airbnb rental, they promise concierge services and a stocked fridge. Plus, the locale is just a few blocks off of Central Park and, yes, a short walk to Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue flagship, making the vacation home equal parts practical and nostalgic.

breakfast at tiffany's

The five-story brownstone has plenty of room to bring family and friends to re-live Breakfast at Tiffany’s with you.

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Inspirato Pass holders can stay at the location as part of a $2,500 flat monthly fee, while Inspirato Club members will need to pay a nightly fee on top of their $600-a-month subscription. Those who want to walk slowly by it with a croissant and coffee, however, can always do so gratis.

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