The Best Places to Go When You Travel to India

With a lot of countries in the world, you should consider India as your next travel destination. Know more about India by clicking this link here. The country’s alluring and mysterious places attract a lot of tourists each year. The festivals, rich histories, and the traditions of the country are also worth mentioning.

For people who want to go somewhere different, then they should consider the Amer Fort, the Taj Mahal, and the Varanasi that India has to offer. There are a lot of other things that hook a lot of tourists each year. Those who travel to India leave the country with bright and happy memories inside their hearts.

Aside from the iconic Taj Mahal, India can offer rich landscapes and historical sites. Read more about this famous mausoleum in this site: The travelers who explore the country have changed their perspective about what the country has to offer. There are food and spicy curry that can satisfy one’s taste. If you are now considering booking a flight to India, be prepared to tell tantalizing stories for your family and friends when you get back home.

Prepare for the Unexpected

The main thing to expect when you travel to India is that the unexpected can happen. Unlike other places where you know what to expect and you can arrange a rigid schedule for each day’s trip, India can delight and even exasperate you. There are thrilling experiences if you just keep an open mind. The attractions that can be found in India are one of a kind and if you are prepared to take the risk, then you will have a trip that can be considered as once in a lifetime.

Where to Travel in India


This place is where the famous Taj Mahal is located. The iconic landmark is made up of marble and it was a tomb dedicated by King Shah Jahan to his wife Mumtaz Mahal. The Mughal Empire had its center in Agra. There are countless things that you can do in the fort of Agra. To know more about Agra and how to get there, you can visit sites such as for more information. The red walls around the city and the tombs that surround it are noteworthy. If you decide that you have seen more than enough tombs, then there are bazaars and workshops across the town to entertain you. After Agra, you might decide to go to other destinations such as Jaipur.


Jaipur’s other name is “Pink City.” This is named because of the pink painted facades that can be seen on its older towns. The wealth and the history of splendor are well-known in the way the city is dotted with decorative buildings. The royal family of India still lives in Jaipur’s palace. Travelers should not miss visiting the Hawa Mahal which enables one to view the hustle and the bustle of the streets below it. Most of India’s royal women also live in Hawa Mahal and the JahMahal because they serve as solid forts for them.


This is the capital of India that holds most of the festivals in the country. New Delhi is rich in cultures and the diverse hustle and bustle of humanity. In the past, there were several civilizations that tried to put a mark in the city. Now, Delhi is a mixture of different cultures, historical monuments, rich food, wide boulevards and shopping centers that you could not find in any other place. There are also political and cultural centers available for visitors that could make the trip to India an unforgettable one.


This is considered by many as a hidden gem. This is located in the northernmost part of India and part of the state of Kashmir and Jammu. Unlike the busy cities of India, Ladakh contains natural bodies of water if you want somewhere peaceful. You can visit lakes and monasteries that are situated near the Tibetan borders. The landscapes are great and had attracted many nature lovers. The mystical waters of the lake are still a mystery and only a few privileged travelers were able to dip their feet into it. Nowadays, due to modern infrastructures and travel agencies, more and more tourists can savor the tranquility that this place has to offer.


You can take a tour of the famous Ganges River if you want a complete experience when traveling to India. The place to go in order to be near the river is Varanasi. The culture of Indian men and women are more tangible in this place because millions of Hindus visit this place once a year. It is believed that they want to harness some of the holy powers that are provided by the river. Some of the tourists are lucky enough to see some of the cremation rituals and other festivals performed in this place.

Some of the Reasons Why Choose India

1. Cheap Prices

The country offers luxurious accommodations at cheap prices. You can eat out without spending a lot. You can travel around the country through the train at a very affordable price. The rupee which is the country’s currency recently dropped its value which means that traveling to this country today can be cheaper now compared to a year ago.

2. Great Food

If you are looking for a variety of cuisines, then India is the best place for you to go. The regular favorites are the curry, rogan josh, chicken masala, and the malai kofta. You can go to a single place to try these dishes.

3. Incredible Wildlife

The wildlife in the country varies. There are a lot of rhinos, tigers, eagles, and elephants in many cities. You can get a trip to national parks and see these animals at a safe distance. Some of the parks that are worth visiting include Bandhavgarh and Kanha.

The Bottom Line

The above are just some of the places that you should visit whenever you are traveling to India. Note that this is not an exhaustive list. There are a lot more that India has to offer. You can start discovering what these offers are by booking a tour in this great country today.