The Food & Cuisine That Each Zodiac Sign Would Love

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Food is so much more than a means to survival. There’s a reason taste can be one of the most powerful of the five human senses, as it allows us to become one with the earth. When you feel a taste explosion in your mouth, it always leaves you wondering how the natural world could possibly create such a unique and unforgettable flavor. It’s enough to make you believe in magic. That’s why it’s unsurprising that each zodiac sign is associated with a food or cuisine, as the ingredients at our disposal each carry spiritual meanings of their own.

If you’ve been struggling to enjoy your meals and you’ve found yourself in a dietary slump, you may be surprised to find that astrology can point you in the right direction. Not only do your moon sign, Mercury sign and Venus sign directly correlate with your taste in food, but there’s also an astrological house that describes the types of flavors and textures that may be to your liking. Look to the zodiac signs that rule over your second house of sensuality and stability and your sixth house of food and nutrition, as it will show you what your ideal dining and culinary experience might look like.

When we eat food only for sustenance, it becomes a chore rather than a moment of personal ecstasy. By planning your meals out and basing them on the types of food that respond to your birth chart, you’ll rediscover the magic of tasting something incredible all over again. After all, food is medicine (and a balm to your soul). Because I’m an astrologer, let’s talk about the cuisine your zodiac sign would love, along with a restaurant recommendation that will blow your mind:

The Food & Cuisine Associated With Each Zodiac Sign

Charcuterie Board

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Appetizers & Raw Bar

You love a meal that’s easy to prepare, easy to eat and easy to share! When you’re thinking of dishes to serve or restaurants to invite your friends, the first thing you think of is whether the appetizers are good. You’re a sucker for endless nachos, oysters on the half shell and charcuterie boards that look too pretty to eat. You’re perfectly happy with ordering four different starter dishes that you can sample throughout the night instead of an entrée, as long as it’s being served with a cocktail that leaves you longing for another.


Bar Boulud

1900 Broadway

New York, NY 10023

Persian Food Tahdig

Photo: Getty Images.

Persian & Mediterranean Food

You’re ruled by Venus, planet of taste and pleasure, which means that no other zodiac sign has a palate as refined as yours. You love sweet and subtle flavors that titillate the imagination. Flavors like pistachio, saffron and rose, which are present in so many dishes offered in Persian cuisine as well as Mediterranean, leave you thinking of poetry. And because you never want to leave the dinner table feeling anything less than full, you can never fit your many skewers of koobideh and your extra helpings of ghormeh sabzi onto one plate. In your opinion, you can never have too many rice dishes, which is another reason you’ll keep coming back to try more.


Taste of Tehran

1915 Westwood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90025

Mexican Food

Photo: Getty Images.

Mexican Food

You’ve got much on your mind and many places to be, but there’s always one type of food you can rely on—Mexican food. You love the convenience and the pleasure of eating a street taco in two bites and the electricity of sharing a bowl of freshly made guac with some friends. You love the lively atmosphere involved with sharing a Mexican-style meal and the way it never fails to refill your tank when you’re hungry. Plus, the added spices and the unexpected peppers always make eating a thrilling, full-body experience. Throw a sweet and smoky mezcal cocktail in there for good measure and we’re in business!


Madre! Oaxacan Restaurant and Mezcaleria

1261 Cabrillo Ave STE 100

Torrance, CA 90501

Fresh Oysters

Photo: Getty Images.

Seafood & Sushi

You’re a water sign ruled by a crab, which is a pretty damn good reason to eat crab if you ask me. Cancers live on the beach and thrive where the land meets the water, which is why eating seafood could activate super powers in a Cancer. You probably feel like a mermaid whenever you slurp down a freshly shucked oyster drizzled in mignonette sauce. You feel satisfied with the feeling of having chopsticks in your hand and being able to gracefully place a bright pink rainbow roll directly into your mouth, because you love the way sushi makes you feel safe.


Bamboo Sushi

404 SW 12th Ave

Portland, OR 97205

Steak Dinner

Photo: Getty Images.

Steakhouse & Fine Dining

You treat every meal like a production, because dinner is really an opportunity to put on your best performance and mingle with the rest of the cast! To you, dinner is about more than just eating tasty, world class food. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion in order for you to make reservations at a five star restaurant, because you know you deserve it. Knowing you’re about to order steak prepared by a world famous chef probably makes you happier than the steak itself, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Because you take dinnertime so seriously, you’re always the heart of the dinner table.


Musso & Frank

6667 Hollywood Blvd

Hollywood, CA 90028

Breakfast Food

Photo: Getty Images.

Breakfast & Brunch

Nothing makes you happier than starting your day strong, which is why Virgos tend to have such an affinity for breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day for a reason, as it has the power to prepare you for a productive day or set you up for an energy crash by noon. That’s why it’s important to make breakfast fun, which is why you know where all the best brunch spots are and you know which diners are open 24/7. The smell of waffles and maple syrup paired with a strong cup of coffee gets your mojo going. And if you’re really feeling both efficient and extravagant, a breakfast buffet will always be the answer. A Swedish-style smorgasbord in the morning would truly blow your mind.


Grand Hôtel Breakfast

Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8

Stockholm, Sweden

Pastries & Desserts

Photo: Getty Images.

Pastries & Desserts

You can’t help it that you love beautiful things, Libra. That’s why you’re obsessed with dessert, because food may satisfy your stomach, but sweets are there to satisfy your soul. You could spend hours gazing into bakery windows and the thought of purchasing pastries from a Parisian boulangerie always makes you feel like booking the next flight to Europe. To you, dessert is more than just something that tastes good, but looks good too. If you could, you’d want your jewelry to match your cupcakes, wouldn’t you?


Du Pain et des Idées

34 Rue Yves Toudic

75010 Paris, France

Cajun Food

Photo: Getty Images.

Cajun & Creole Food

Scorpios are always craving some warmth and mystery in their meals, which is why Cajun and Creole food speaks to you on a spiritual level. You’re fascinated by the places that shrimp gumbo can take you, as each spoonful contains its own microcosm of flavor. And because you’re ruled by passionate and intense Mars, you’re never one to shy away from a little hot sauce. You’re a Scorpio, which means you have the ability to not only survive, but appreciate the sweet, sharp and endlessly spicy flavors of New Orleans cuisine.


Galatoire’s Restaurant

209 Bourbon St

New Orleans, LA 70130


Photo: Getty Images.

Gastropub & American Comfort Food

You may be a world traveler, but your taste in cuisine reminds you of barbecues on the fourth of July and burgers too big to fit in your mouth. Nothing satiates your appetite faster than a plate full of good old-fashioned comfort food, because you’re ruled by larger-than-life Jupiter, a planet that’s famous for indulgence. You’ve probably spent so much time wondering why nothing tastes as good as butter and carbs, but you continually rest your case. And I bet the mere thought of golden and crispy fries served fresh from the fryer is already making your mouth water.


Messhall Kitchen

4500 Los Feliz Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90027

Chinese Food

Photo: Getty Images.

Chinese & Korean Food

Capricorns love a meal that’s just as hearty as it is detoxifying, which is why Chinese or Korean food could very well be your favorite cuisines. Between the familiar flavor of sesame oil and the taste explosion of sweet-sour chicken, it always leaves you feeling as though you’ve refueled your tank. So much effort goes into folding dumplings and there’s patience involved with allowing kimchi to ferment, which are both things you can appreciate. And by taking the time to carefully weave each strand of ramen noodle around your chopsticks, you know it’ll taste that much better when it finally reaches your mouth.


Dragon Beaux

5700 Geary Blvd

San Francisco, CA 94121

Italian Food

Photo: Getty Images.

Italian Food

Your favorite thing about eating a meal is eating it surrounded by friends, family and even acquaintances. To you, it’s less about the food and more about the people you’re eating with. Italian food is always a crowd pleasure and you love the philosophy of making more food than anyone could possibly need. Whenever you eat at an Iranian restaurant or serve an Italian meal, you know there will always be leftover slices of pizza for lunch tomorrow (and plenty of servings of pasta left for dinner).


Via Carota

51 Grove St

New York, NY 10014

Indian Food

Photo: Getty Images.

Thai & Indian Food

To you, the ideal meal takes you to a different place. You want the spices to transport you to a universe far away and the textures to leave you feeling comforted. Whenever you eat a cuisine Thai or Indian, it probably makes you feel like your tastes buds are on a magic carpet ride. Between its bold flavors that are always powerful enough to convince even the most avid meat-eater to order a vegan meal, you love wavering between extreme heat and soft, milky sweetness. By the time you’ve taken your last bite, it probably feels like the end of a very exciting adventure.


Sheba Restaurant

136 Brick Ln

London E1 6RU, United Kingdom

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