Examples of Product Placement That Turned out to Be Blatant in Movies

There have been quite a number of product placements that have been done by cinema companies for very long time. An example is the fact that Hershey’s chocolate was featured in the 1927 film that was known as wings. One of the things you will realize however is that this is not something that was shown to the movie industry for example, the average cinema viewer after the 1980s. this is when the movie was shown regarding Reese’s pieces. After that, they have been very many movies that have shown different types of product placements and they have sprung up in very many instances. this article is going to be great because it will help you to understand product placements that have been placed by people and by different companies over the years in different movies. General Motors for example is a company that has been featured by the movie the Transformers, the ultimate offender for very long time. Some of the examples of the vehicles that have been transformed by the main character who is known as bumblebee include, the 2006 Chevy Camaro. Apart from that, there have also been many other robots that have been used from General Motors companies.

The fact that the product placements in the Transformers movies did not stop there however is a sign of how much they have been able to go into this. These movies, been able to get a lot of attention and that’s why, companies like Xbox and Mountain Dew also wanted to bring in some of the robots. As you probably know, these were featured during some of the fight scenes later in the movie. Because of this therefore, you may realize that it might have been a bit overdone. The age of extinction is also another movie that showed a lot of product placements. Some of the examples of the things that were shown in this movie include beats by Dr. Dre. As you probably know, one of the items that was used was something that can be able to get shape into anything,read more. There is also the use of alien spaceships that crash into a truck.

Another brand that has been able to get around in very many of the cinemas is the Starbucks. Because of these movies, you might even think that people really love the green umbrellas. You can be very sure that Jurassic Park, the sentinel and also sex and the city are some of the movies that have been featured quite a lot. These are some of the shameless examples of companies that have really been featured in the product placements.