The Reasons Visiting Rocky Mountains National Park Would Surprise You

Rocky Mountains National Park near Denver was opened in 1915. It is over 1000 square kilometers of impressive mountains, the height of which ranges from 2330 meters to 4346 meters. Long Peak is the highest point in the Rockies which is visible from all points around this area.

The Rocky Mountain National Park has 433 km of horseback riding and 570 kilometers of hiking trails. There are small and giant glaciers in the park. The landscapes created by glaciers are the main feature of these places. To appreciate all the beauty of nature, you should definitely go on the Rocky Mountain road trip.

Tours to the Rocky Mountains National Park

Bear Lake, situated in the heart of the park, is a popular leisure and walking destination. This beautiful lake lies below Hallett Peak and the continental rift. A continental divide (demarcation of the water flow between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean) runs through the park. Several trails start from the lake: you can test yourself from easy walks to strenuous hikes.

At any time of the year in the Rockies, you can observe wildlife (moose, snow sheep, deer, bears, coyotes). You can do scenic hikes, fishing, camping, cycling, horse riding, bird watching, photography, picnics, rock climbing, mountaineering, ranger programs, excursions to visitor centers, snowshoes, cross-country skiing.
There are 5 campgrounds, 585 campgrounds in the Rockies. It is in the top-visited places in the USA with over 3 million guests a year.

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