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More formidable Grande Ganadors, new Fire Ship sea battle Skill,
new Pursuit Productions, and more!

Vancouver — Dec 7th, 2022 — In its 5 years under Papaya Play’s stewardship, Uncharted Waters Online (UWO) has continued to adapt and improve, always with its global audience in mind. December 7th marks the release of the newest Chapter of UWO’s Seven Wonders saga – Chapter 3.3: BLACK BART. This Chapter continues the theme of the previous update, escalating the threat of the Grande Ganadors, who’ve arrived with sharper swords and bigger cannons than ever. A brand new ship battle skill for maritime voyagers, Fire Ship, is revealed to help withstand the Ganadors’ assault. In addition, this update adds world cuisines for Pursuit Production categories, new Jobs, and new Research Quests and Discoveries for fledglings and veterans alike.



UWO is a historical sailing MMO, set during the exciting Age of Discovery of the 15th to 17th Centuries, when the far corners of the globe remained unexplored. As Captain of your own ship, you’re free to make your mark on the world and propel yourself to fame and fortune. Earn a living through trading, exploring, racing, or battling pirates (or through turning to piracy yourself). The latest refinements and additions to these diverse options are described below.


The BLACK BART update expands the Grande Ganador Missions, first introduced in Seven Wonders: Chapter 2.5. A new set of even stronger Grande Ganadors has joined the Boss Rush missions, which pit Captains against constant waves of formidable enemies, one after another!


A new sea battle technique – the Fire Ship – has been added, adding a new layer of strategy and variety to sea battles.


New Grande Ganadors

The new Grande Ganadors are even more powerful than ever, with new special skills and advanced weapons. Defeat these new enemies in a Boss Rush, create special Sailor Equipment, and master special effects once only held by the Ganadors themselves!



A New Sea Battle Skill: Fire Ship

Maritimers who’ve acquired the “Detonics Skill” now have access to a special skill, the Fire Ship. Summon a Fire Ship wreathed in sapphire flames, which charges directly towards enemy ships and crews, causing major damage and spreading chaos!      



New Pursuit Production Category

Local Cuisines are now on the menu for Pursuit Production. Meet the required Ranks for selected Skills and make the right Discoveries, and you’ll be able to serve up something really special.



…And more!

  • New Labyrinth Enemy: Follow a powerful NPC down a hidden path, and challenge them for a prized item.


  • New Jobs: 2 new Jobs – the Gladiator and the Military Researcher.

  • New Further Research Quests and Discoveries: Perform Sophia Research to access a new Further Research Quest.



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