What You Should Know about Grass Fed Beef?

People are becoming more aware of what they eat and we can see many trends coming to the spotlight. Many of them won’t benefit your health so it’s important to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of each meal you have. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to eat what you like, it means that you need to know what is the optimal amount and how many times a week you should eat certain foods.

Beef is one of the popular meals for people that like to eat meat and it comes in many forms and can be implemented in many recipes. Even if you have a healthy diet, if you eat too much it won’t be good for you and the same goes for many foods. If you are a meat lover, no one should force you into changing your diet but being aware of what you are eating is a good way to start.

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What Grass-Fed Means?

As the name says, it means that the cows are eating only grass and similar food that has a natural origin. It seems like a normal thing but in many states where they have large companies that export meat, they will use many ways to fatten them so they can get more meat. We live in a modern world and people are looking to get more out of anything they do so most of them don’t eat grass.

The reason why framers give them grains is that it’s more profitable. Grains have much more calories in them compared to grass so the cow grows much faster. They are looking to make a profit so this is the best way for them. This also affects the buyer because we now have lower prices than before. Many people don’t know that they are used to tasting this type of meat which is very mild-tasting and quite fatty. Read more on this page.

Why is Grass-Fed Better?

One of the main reasons why it’s the best type of beef is nutrition. Every type is nutritious but this one is more significantly nutritious. One thing that is only applied for grass-fed is conjugated linoleic acid which grain-fed doesn’t have. It is a type of fat but it has a role in preventing weight gain. Omega-e fats are anti-inflammatory and they are good for our system which can be found here and it has fewer Omega-6 fats which are inflammatory.

When it comes to vitamins, it is rich in vitamin E and K2 which is important for bone health and heart health. Vitamin K2 has the role of piloting calcium into your bones instead of arteries. It’s not only healthy for humans to eat this type of meat but before that, the animal will be healthier if it eats grass instead of grains.

The Lack of Meat

There are enough types of meat but the quality is questionable. The main reason why people buy grain-fed meat is the price. It may be cheaper in one way, but when you look at the destruction it may cause, the price is much larger. River and lakes are damaged when the manure spills in them which come from the farms.

There are many externalities that you don’t know about and the food industry is very efficiently hiding from people. You actually pay more but not in a grocery store. You might hear that some people got sick because of eating too much meat but before you stop, you should ask yourself why that happened in the first place and what they ate. You could enjoy your food without any risks if you know what you are buying.