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The Beauty of Wedding Sand Traditions.

We come together in a wedding to witness two people becoming one through the exchange of vows to one another. Different types of weddings will have different traditional practices the part of making the couple one. For the longest time now , unity candles have been used in the symbolism of bride and groom becoming one. The family of the groom and that of the bride each light a candle. The families will then give their child a candle to represent them and the family. The two unity candles will be used to light as larger candle by the bride and the groom in significance of joining the family into a larger one.

In place of candles , wedding sand ceremonies will make use of vials and glassware. The vials from each side will be filled with sand that’s going to symbolize the uniting of the couple. The person officiating the ceremony will explain to the couple and all those present through the symbolism and meaning of a unity ceremony. The sand grains might have different color as color is added to them to signify the different parties of the groom and the bride as well.

The couple comes together and pours each of their sand into a larger vial . The sand has to be poured together at the same time by the bride and the groom so the grains of sand can mix as they flow. The flowing sand that has mixed will represent the intertwined connection of the couple that has just taken place. Sand has some qualities that make it fit to be used in this kind of ceremonies and not just any other element. Grains of sand are timeless and surpass any type of measure , this is a quality just like in the couples love. Sand grains are impossible to set apart once they have been mixed together, the couple will be as tough and enduring and hard to set apart just as the sand is. The blending of the sand means that both the groom and the bride have also blended and have given all they have to their partners.

The couples will exchange ideas and personalities and goals of their lives the moment the sand is mixes. Names of the couple can be engraved on the larger vial or it could be the date of the wedding and any other addition that the couple chooses to have. This has to be done before the wedding takes place , it’s better that way for a blended unity sand ceremony. The internet is the best bet to find all you need for a wedding sand ceremony, from sand to vials and engraving services. Some couples opt to collect sand themselves from the beach and its actually good as the couple adds more meaning to the process.

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