For some people divorce can be liberating. But for others, divorce can be very difficult times. Not only for women, men can also experience bad things and experience difficulties when facing divorce. Tulsa fathers rights attorney will help men to avoid this and win men’s rights.

Although several studies have shown that men are often more successful and wealthier after a divorce, not a few studies have shown that divorced men are more prone to suicide, alcoholism, and mental illness. So, what causes men to experience this bad thing, and why do other men survive?

For some people, especially women, men are identical with stereotypes of being unfaithful, unable to undergo monogamous relationships and callous when leaving their wives or partners. In fact, according to research published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, women tend to be “stronger” after facing divorce than men.

Facing divorce, who is stronger?

After divorce, many impacts are experienced for both men and women. Including the impact on health. However, from various studies, it is stated that this health impact is greater for men than women. One of the negative effects is lifestyle changes such as smoking or alcohol consumption.

According to a study published in the journal Social Science and Medicine in 2012, when married, wives tend to invite and encourage their husbands to live healthier lives, such as quitting smoking, quitting alcohol or exercising regularly. However, after a divorce, the positive influence of the wife is no longer obtained so that men tend to return to unhealthy living habits.

This is related to the ego, emotions, and self-esteem that are owned by men. After a divorce, a man goes through a crisis that is often underestimated by society, even by himself. Everyone who has experienced loss will feel a moment of grief. This applies to everyone, both men and women.

After a divorce settlement for a man, this feeling of grief and loss has an impact on his ego side. Ego is how a person sees himself as part of society and other people. Ego provides a view of ourselves about our role and place based on the interactions that have been built so far. The ego is an important thing that makes us function in society, but it can also become a big problem when we lose it. This is especially so when the ego is concerned with family, love, and marriage.

Men who experience divorce are ‘forced’ to lose their roles, whether they are husbands, fathers or heads of families. When married, a man has devoted himself to marriage. Take on the roles of husband, father, and head of the family. Through these roles, a man gains his self-esteem and confidence.

For that, when a divorce occurs, a man loses all his roles along with all the confidence he had so far. Men seem to be wasted without knowing their place and role in the next life. This then turns into sadness, anger, anxiety, and depression.

Some guys try to regain their confidence by dating, even if they’re not ready. Meanwhile, some others turn to alcohol, drugs, or vent their sadness by working hard. All of this has to do with one thing, namely the injured male ego. All these things are done by men to regain self-confidence, a sense of respect for themselves, and to make their egos better.


It is advisable for men who are newly divorced not to pursue instant ways to relieve depression or to improve self-confidence. It is better for men to begin to focus on rebuilding their self-esteem and self-confidence through productive activities and giving themselves time to let go of feelings of disappointment, anger, pain or depression resulting from divorce.

After going through a period of grieving, a man will feel better and begin to have a new outlook on his life in the future. That way, they will not be confined by the past because of their egos.